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Sharlee Mack Henshaw Kuhns Memorial Fund

Sponsored by Lori Linzmier

February 17, 2022


Sharlee Kuhns left us February 12, 2022 her daughter Lori by her side in her beloved home.

Born June 4, 1942 in Tulsa, Ok to parents Charolotte E McCain and William L Henshaw, where she attended Edison High School Class of 1960 and maintained lifetime friendships with her classmates.

Sharlee was a gifted watercolor painter and illustrator. Her favorite subjects were nature scenes, Chinese warriors, and her family. She was a Texas Parks and Wildlife painter in the 1970s after working in the Governors office, notably for George Bush Sr with whom she maintained a correspondence until his death.

In the early 80’she moved from Austin Texas to Denver CO where she opened her own advertising agency, notably contributing to the design of the Master Card and Gold’s Gym logo. 

She began working for Mountain Bell and was transferred to Salt Lake City where she quickly rose within the company and brokered the first transcontinental business/information line to Asia.

After moving to Denver she was in Senior Management training all the Business Sales Associates for AT&T.

After her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis she and her husband Bob Kuhns moved to Owasso in 1991.

Active in the Owasso community, Sharlee taught art in private schools and senior centers, as well as tutoring within her home. She dearly loved her bridge club ferociously bidding tricks for 25+ years.

She enjoyed the study of genealogy and starting in the 1970s, helped others explore their ancestral roots. She served as the National Secretary of the Mayflower Society.

Sharlee loved the outdoors, including fly fishing and camping. A voracious reader she left over 1000 books in her library and enjoyed historical fact as well as fictional novels. She was knowledgeable on many topics and fascinating to converse with in almost any topic. She loved people and created lifetime bonds with almost everyone she met.

After her MS diagnosis she fought every day to maintain her way of life and helped others in her area with support and was always available for consult and resource information. She was an advocate for organic foods and healthy lifestyle.

Her contributions to MS research include being the oldest recipient of OCURUS transfusions, a groundbreaking treatment in which she was studied to advance understanding of effective treatments. Her legacy continues with her decision to donate organs to MS research at Columbia University. 

She is survived by her daughter Lori Linzmier, son Alexander Holcomb, and granddaughter Airen VanDiggelen. 

We wish her soul a blessed journey in her new form. 

Thank you for your support! Together we can make a difference.


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