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Lynne Burnworth

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Lynne fought multiple sclerosis for over twenty years. During the fight, she was in and out of wheelchairs, physical therapy, doctors offices, and hospitals. She had a strong will to recover... she 'rebuked' the disease.

Over the past 8 years the disease progressed to the point of her having to stay in bed most of her days. Her family was the light of her life, especially her three grandbabies.

Looking ahead, there was no stopping the progression of the disease. She was staring at a bleak future which she did not want to exist within. It is heartbreaking to say that COVID is what ultimately caused her death. However, we are also consoled by the fact that she did not have to live in the future that MS had waiting for her. While she never gave up the fight, this virus was too much for her body. Coupled with her weakened immune system from her medications, she passed from complications with COVID19 on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. 

With much love and appreciation, any donation will be a worthy donation.  


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